FNB: Housing Loan & Tyre Branch Opening


There were two challenges that were to be addressed: Promote FNB’s new housing loan program with its revised interest rate in a clever and eye-catching manner. Emphasizing that FNB is expanding and is ready to meet new clientele in new regions by promoting their new branch openings.


The chosen solution for the housing loan makes use of a visual metaphor to convey how small the interest rate of the housing loan is. “Al Faydeh Fastoukeh” was the chosen colloquial expression as it is a familiar expression to the Lebanese audience. The aim would be to target people who are building their future newly-weds, young couples, single people, and anyone seeking to purchase their dream home but need financial assistance. In order to attain maximum reach, the promotional tools used included billboards, press ads, posters, brochures, website and social media ads, LCD and ATM screens, and SMS promotional messages. The chosen solution for Tyr branch opening sought to highlight the bank’s expansion plan, as they announced their arrival in the capital of the south. The lead visual itself embodied the historical significance of the city by using a naval vessel arriving in the infamous Tyr port. The vessel is branded with the FNB logo on its sails, which symbolizes the arrival of FNB in the south. The aim would be to target the people living in Tyr and let them know that FNB is in their neighborhood. The promotion was communicated through billboards and press ads.

Client FNB
Region Lebanon
Task Housing Loan & Tyre Branch Opening
Housing Loan 4x3 Billboard
Tyre Branch 4x3 Billboard