Newounsa: Splashing Summer Dreams


Newounsa is a well-established fashion destination that brings chic clothing and accessories to the fashion forward women of Lebanon. With 25 years of experience and a keen sense style, the brand continuously creates bold collections to cater to both youthful trendsetters and chic women. The aim of the campaign was to showcase Newounsa’s new Summer collection, all while celebrating the brand’s 25th anniversary.


Capitalizing on the 25th anniversary and the launch of its Summer collection, Newounsa hosted a mesmerizing event, attracting loyal customers and avid fashion lovers alike. It all started with an online teaser campaign during March, inviting guests to dive into the mystery of Summer dreams. The Newounsa social media platforms were turned into a royal blue tint and the hype around April 6 begun! Breaking out all the stops, Newounsa held one of a kind fashion show revolving around the idea “Splashing Summer Dreams.” In line with the theme, a fabricated plexiglass catwalk filled with water held everyone’s attention. Giving the impression that the models were walking on water, Newounsa awed the audience with creativity, both through the new clothing line, and the sheer originality of hosting such a glamorous event.

Region Beirut
Task Event concept and branding