Gandour Oil: Gandour Oil TVC


Gandour Oil is one of the key players in the cooking oil category in Lebanon, especially with its “double refined” attribute. The brand seeks distinction by owning “The Beauty of Balance” which is finding the perfect balance between Health & Indulgence.


Capitalizing on the high sales season of the holy month of Ramadan, the focal idea of the campaign was promoting a balanced lifestyle and how it is achievable with Gandour. We live in an age of excess, where our target market of modern women live in stress to present the best version of themselves and their families in a practical way. As a result, we end up going to extremes. Taking it from here the campaign idea featured a modern woman who veered towards "health fanatic" before discovering Gandour Oil. This was interpreted through several sarcastic and extreme scenarios. This all changes when “Hala” uses Gandour Oil. She realizes that she can still lead a balanced diet because the double refined oil is a lighter alternative, yet remains just as tasty. Having found the perfect way to lead a health conscious life, while enjoying delicious food, she rejoices in in the balance that Gandour Oil has provided in her life. As always with Gandour Oil, the core of the campaign was translated in a 360 manner on TVC, in-store branding, and Social Media content. For instance, digital films were produced to guide the modern Lebanese woman towards a healthy lifestyle, outside the kitchen too! With a witty concept and a message which embodied the cultur­­al values of Lebanese women, the campaign proved to be a success and most importantly increased product trial.

Client Gandour
Region Lebanon
Task The Beauty of Balance TVC