Jamil Saab & Co: A Lifetime Apartment


Jamil Saab & Co. has long been part of the fabric of Lebanon’s real estate industry. Building more than fifty residential buildings in Beirut and its suburbs, it is one of the most financially solid real estate firms in the country. The easy route would have been to show edifices, towers or/and urban landscapes. Jamil Saab & Co deserved more than that. Our challenge was to express the company’s core values and authenticity.


Our multi-visual campaign went back-to-basics, back to the dawn of time when simplicity and pureness was king. Natural and eternal ‘shelters’, a safe haven, a sense of security conveyed Jamil Saab & Co’s values perfectly, so much so the campaign was awarded the coveted Pikasso d'Or ‘Specials Mall Award’.

Client Jamil Saab & Co.
Region Lebanon
Task Corporate Campaign