A new concept store in town, Mellow came to us with no name and no identity. Mellow, is all about exceptional products hand crafted by passionate designers and artisans. All towels are hand made using 100% organic cotton and soaps are completely free from chemical additives. This was our chance to give birth to Mellow as we know it through a full brand identity.


Following the nature of the products, Mellow brand identity adopts a modern and trendy approach while keeping an organic and natural feel through the choice of colors, materials, fonts and style. Being soft and gentle, the name "Mellow" says it all. Fun word play exploits the term "mellow" into several meanings and usages. It is now a common jargon used amongst all Mellowers!

Client Mellow
Region Beirut - Lebanon
Task Full Brand Creation
Towels Label
Quality certificate
Paper bag seal stickers
Envelope gift wraps
Christmas event branding
Shop Branding