Al Hadaf: Classified Ads


Al Hadaf classified newspaper approached Spirit Beirut to launch itself in the Lebanese territory and to compete with a fierce monopole dominating the market. It was a challenge to penetrate the market with a brand new classified newspaper addressing the mass segment; the main goal was to reach a maximum number of people.


The funny combination of the wordings that is in the core of the Lebanese society was behind the power of the messages to the people. They originated from the people daily language... A little twist, a small highlighting on some words was all what is needed to create the catchy funny messages. Mass media was used to launch the new classified newspaper in the market. What is better than mobile outdoor to circulate a quick message all over the city? Along with TV, Billboards and radio campaign, Spirit transformed the public transportation buses into a strong advertising tool. Al Hadaf dominated the outdoor scene for a short period delivering the target message from the middle of the streets. Thanks to this successful campaign, Al Hadaf reached the top of mind of the Lebanese citizens and starts to compete with the main market leader.

Client Al Hadaf
Region Lebanon
Task Corporate Campaign