Ahli International Bank: Yes Campaign


Ahli International Bank approached Spirit Beirut to raise awareness among youth generation, introduce and circulate the new services provided to this target segment: YES (Young Executive Services).


After analyzing the competition media expenditures on the market, we found out that interaction is the best tool to differentiate the brand and take it away from an aggressive competition; it is the best tool to engage the audience and increase the brand recall. Along with a big outdoor and online campaign, Spirit recommended to sponsor the most rated radio morning shows, where people can call and win valuable prizes. The name of the game was “Crack the safe & Win”. Before starting the game, the host was highlighting the new services of Ahli International bank on a daily basis; this was followed by a live interactive game supported by the bank’s facebook page. This operation was active for a month, where the targeted youth generation was involved and well informed about the new services of Ahli international Bank.

Client Ahli International Bank
Region Middle East
Task Young Executive Services Campaign