Lebanese Water Project: Outdoor Campaign


We had a very clear straight-to-the-point objective, which was to promote the protection of the Litani river by keeping it clean from garbage and sewage. The campaign should aim to dramatize the magnitude of the danger threatening the Litani river and succeed at catching the viewer’s attention regarding the tragic state of the river.


As the campaign key visual, we aimed to portray a dark underwater shot of the river that screams ‘death’. The water was very polluted and the shot had a lot of depth and showed layers and layers of pollution from sewage to garbage… For the message of this campaign, we used the metaphor of the Litani river being the vein of Lebanon to tell people that this vein is dying. The main purpose was to visually guilt-trip the people polluting the river and the people who are not doing any action to minimize the damage. The campaign was backed up with radio spots to reinforce the message and to actually offer solutions to where garbage and sewage can be redirected.

Client Lebanese Water Project
Region Lebanon
Task Litani Protection Awareness
Main Visual
Main Visual