Vilebrequin: Store Opening at Orchid Resort


Recognized as one of the most high-end worldwide swimsuit brands, Vilebrequin has been outfitting men and boys with colorful swim trunks and women with beachwear and accessories for more than 40 years now. The challenge was - To organize the opening event of the new seasonal store of Vilebrequin at Orchid Resort Jiyeh - To have a wide PR coverage: presence of media / journalists/ editors/ photographers - To display awareness among the public, potential target and different media readers


Vilebrequin Launched its new and 3rd mono-brand store in Lebanon at the renowned luxury beach spot, Orchid Resort, bringing the brand’s distinctive style and exotic spirit to Lebanon’s South beach scene. We aimed to surround the place with sea turtles, sweet insignia of the brand, capturing the essence of Vilebrequin and inviting all guests to follow the turtle’s steps to join this amazing chill sunset party and be whisked away to a sophisticated universe filled with the spirit of Saint-Tropez summer, warmth and sunshine! Featuring the one and only worldwide Vilebrequin Pop Cabana, instant photo printouts, giveaways, swimsuit draw winner Swarovski swimsuit gift, extravagant buffet & a chill out music, the opening event was a great success! Just like the most effective PR campaigns, Spirit latest achievement of Vilebrequin store opening covered a variety of channels and tactics, including distribution of gifts and multilingual press releases to the media, offline and online. The outcome of this PR communication generated a great impact and had a wide coverage across different media channels.

Client Vilebrequin
Region Middle East
Task PR Activation
Vilebrequin Pop-up Cabana