Vilebrequin: Pop-Up Cabana


As one of the most high-end worldwide swimsuit brands, Vilebrequin has been outfitting men and boys with colorful swim trunks and women with beachwear and accessories for more than 40 years now. Vilebrequin has been recently introducing in Lebanon, its one and only worldwide pop-up cabana which has been moving from one destined beach resort to another, presenting Vilebrequin’s wide range of swimsuits and accessories.


Vilebrequin pop-up cabana was perfectly ornamented: With beautiful hostesses wearing branded Vilebrequin outfits, holding a particularly designed draw box, where every beach guest got the chance to take part of the game, by filling a Vilebrequin coupon and placing it in the box. Several draws were taking place per day, and Vilebrequin presented many valuable gifts for the winners, such as swimsuits, caps, towels, sun creams, sunglasses etc… Vilebrequin offered on the spot giveaways to any visitor if spotted wearing their swimsuits or any of their accessories. The guests were pampered with frozen wet towels offered by Vilebrequin to freshen up in the hot summer weather reflecting the St. Tropez mood on the beautiful Mediterranean coast. The activity featured voice overs announcing the presence of the one and only pop-up cabana & a wide social media buzz.

Client E&E
Region Middle East
Task Summer Campaign
Key Visual
Instagram Father's Day Adaptation
Draw Box
Pop-Up Cabana
The Draw
Be Spotted and Win