ACT: Launch Campaign


The main challenge was to take a retailer (Newounsa formerly) and rebrand it under a new name that will lure a slightly younger generation, along with a certain look and feel that captures what this young generation is looking for. The brand should reflect a gender-neutral identity for an apparel that launched a men's section alongside its initial women's section. It had to be fresh, youthful, elegant, and most importantly modern.


With the evolution of fashion and street wear, the longing for a fresh and young retailer that caters to the aesthetic of our time has grown so rapidly in the past years. A c t : apparel con-temporary is a call to action - to develop an attitude, a style, an identity and transport them to the world - to choose to be whomever and whatever you wish to be - to fiercely actualize a vision of how you see this world - to act on your transformative potential and redefine style and individuality. On a larger scale, this project was handled from A to Z - naming, branding, visual merchandising, photography... . The mood was revolutionized and refined. Every aspect of it was unified into this subdued, slick and minimal tone. In each of the four videos, the model is stepping out of his/her comfort zone to spread the word act in a rebellious manner whether spraying it on a wall, tattooing it, breaking it….

Client apparelcontemporary
Region Lebanon
Task Launch Campaign