Fair Trade Lebanon


In the occasion of World Fair Trade Day, Fair Trade Lebanon with the support of the US embassy in Lebanon planned to host the annual event on June 24th, 2018 at St Georges’ Convent, Roumiyeh. Spirit was assigned to take control of the media and PR activation and invitations, social media coverage, along with branding of the event. The challenge was to generate interest and buzz around the event, as every ticket sold went to support local producers.


For the print and online creative aspect, after several brainstorming sessions, it was agreed to approach this branding project in a strategical manner focusing on showcasing sustainability, craftsmanship through a visual style that reflects the true authentic taste of our culture. A big emphasis was placed on the producers whom we aimed to highlight and bring to the front of the line to familiarize people with them and their businesses. Hence, “Meet the Producers” was an effective way to create a sort of awareness and encourage the core value, which is “Put the Fair in Trade”. The media department contacted all relatable Lebanese publications and social media influencers to reach the required buzz. Several notable Lebanese press agents and online celebrity enjoyed the event with their families, along with Spirit that was actively covering the event online on a live basis. The 2018 world fair trade- Beirut edition was one of the biggest so far and has brought joy to the attendees and profitable support to the Lebanese farmers and producers.

Client Fair Trade Lebanon
Region Lebanon
Task World Fair Trade Day