Smeds: Social Media


SMEDS has been operating for years in building a unique yet solid identity in today’s markets. After 30 years of perseverance and giving in order to achieve the goal, SPIRIT had to step in to flip the scale and make the most out of the brand on social media. Hence, the core challenge was to raise awerness of an inveterate brand with active and friendly content, in addition to establishing a personalized correlation between the brand & the end-consumer.


Our golden rule and top concern were to come up creatively with relevant, engaging and thoughtful content. We limned a master plan & worked on its execution. Our core strategy was also to shed the light on SMEDS’ tied-in bond with the end-consumer, understood as a person and spoken to as a valued customer. We overcame the challenges and succeeded in achieving our goal and in emphasizing SMEDS as an open door for community discussion and cultural connections.

Client Smeds
Region Lebanon
Task Case Study