Air France KLM: Offices Branding


Air France KLM is one of the world's largest air carriers with offices in nearly all countries. The Challenge was to brand their new offices in Lebanon in a way that stands out from all Air France KLM offices worldwide, while staying in line with their new sophisticated image. We were asked to design the offices with creative twists to reflect their fresh image, modern personality, and agreeable hospitality.


We worked on a new strategy with a new mood and feel; original, trendy, and creative. The use of Copywriting was also essential in our direction, mixing English, French and Dutch in order to add a creative twist to our visuals. We portrayed the “creative sky” with the use of the paper plane to depict the fun and youthful aspect of the brand, the 3D mirrors in the shape of plane windows to reflect the beauty and fashionable side of the brand, the swing to portray the playful look, and the heart to represent the loving and dreamy aspect of Air France KLM.

Client Air France KLM
Region Lebanon
Task Offices Branding