Tarboosh: Find the yellow Tarboosh


Create hype around the return of the seasonal Tarboosh treats. The tactical campaign needed to depict a fun and lighthearted feel that was in line with the brand's core values.


The creative campaign developed for Tarboosh consisted in developing a series of animated TVCs and the introduction of a new spirited and playful character: the yellow Tarboosh. The storyline of each TVC, follows the brown Tarboosh or Tarbooshes searching for the yellow Tarboosh in a friendly game of hide and seek. The different TVCs have them looking in various settings, from museums, to parks, to underwater, and even in the sky. The campaign revolved around the idea of spreading joy and positive energy, be it on the streets, social media or TV, while reminding the audience of the happy times they had as kids each time they would bite into a delicious Tarboosh treat. Moreover the campaign also gave people the chance of wining prizes if they found a yellow Tarboosh.

Client Gandour
Region Beirut
Task TV & Outdoor Campaign