B11: Launching a new residential complex with style


The assignment required us to design content to aid the unveiling of B11; a new residential complex situated in the heart of Beirut. The client sought to promote the building project in an aesthetically appealing manner, consistent across all design applications. The challenge faced was to design the brand identity, brand guidelines, project brochure, 3D animations, and campaign elements in a cohesive way that would exemplify the project’s unique aspects.


Starting with the brand logo, we drew inspiration from the visual cues of the structure itself. The color scheme used was also greatly inspired by the core values the architect poured into the project. Achieving a harmonious balance between an ecological and modern edifice, a green and grey selection was applied to all branded content to reflect the essence of the project. Upon perfecting the brand identity, the project brochure and 3D walk through animations were developed. The project brochure and animations highlighted various aspects of the project, from building attributes, to surrounding attractions while exhibiting the elegant design in visual form. In tandem with the brochure and animations, a communication campaign was conceptualized and executed. Employing print ads, outdoor mediums, LED screens, and TVC’s developed for use in MEA flights, SPIRIT carried forth a 360 degree campaign that would ensure proper brand exposure. To honor the completion of the residential complex, we also crafted the launch event that put the B11 project under the limelight.

Client by M
Region Beirut
Task Branding