Dermapro: Grand Opening Event


The aim was to re-position Dermapro, a corporate and medical brand into one with a younger more vibrant image. The brand that offered only skin treatments, now offers a wide variety of services to a very diverse clientele. This transformation had to be portrayed through an opening event of the new spa in Saifi Village.


The tagline “Grow young” creatively summarizes the philosophy of the brand: do not fear growing old because Dermapro's services ensure a healthier quality of life and will allow our inner young spirit to resurface. A healthy lifestyle is the key to beauty and youth; this is fundamentally why a lot of people look younger than their actual age. This event was held to promote Dermapro’s new detox clinic, which mainly pertains to a healthy, organic, and natural diet. Food under the healthy and organic category is usually stored in jars. Jars represent nutrition, healthy lifestyle, and give off a comfortable “feel at home” vibe, as people are used to having food stored at home in jars. Therefore, the jar themed display did not only embody the whole organic and detox concept, but it also gave the guests a sense of ease and well-being.

Client Dermapro
Region Lebanon
Task Launching Event
Main Entrance
Photo Frames
Invitation Cards