Candia UHT Milk: New Helicap


Candia Milk needed to inform the public about their new innovative opening system being the first dairy Lebanese company using the Helicap opening. However, the campaign must answer a principal need: practicality, alongside quality and taste.


This multi-visual campaign highlights a smart play on words in Lebanese jargon "Barmeh wehde bitkaffeh". The art direction is dynamic, healthy, active and sporty with a fresh approach and a natural setup. Catchy below the line adaptations complemented the campaign inside the supermarket. As a tactical approach, we created the “Einstein Kid” ad for Candia Milk that featured a brainy Einstein look-alike kid with the catchy tagline “Building Brains”. Instant reaction among the people was uniformly positive which Earned Spirit Beirut a Pikasso Award 2013.

Client Libanlait
Region Lebanon
Task ATL & BTL Campaign
Pikasso Award 2013
Supermarket Stand
Supermarket directional stickers leading to the stand